Welcome to Swift Printing and Communications! All that it's name implies.

We’re a third generation family owned business located in Beer City, USA. We like to say, “if you can read it, we can print it, Swiftly!”

At Swift Printing & Communications, Inc., we believe you should feel good about the products you print. And because of that, Swift Printing became one of two commercial print shops in the world that are a certified B Corp. This certification embraces the basic belief that business should go beyond profits. Best for their employees, best for their community and best for the environment.

“They care too much!” Said no one ever. And at Swift, our goal is to continue to go above and beyond to give you an enlighten customer experience - all while giving you a product you are proud to show the world.

We work with designers, other Grand Rapids print shops and directly with our amazing customers. We do it all, from digital printing, offset printing, letterpress printing to large format printing. Our specialty is our ability to problem solve and find you a solution that makes your idea become a reality. Have a question, send us a message and a teammate will get back to you Swiftly.

We can provide print pieces to help communicate your company’s story, to communicate with employees and suppliers, to track and label your products/services, to promote special events, and to meet almost any other need you may have in reference to printing.

And, we are not simply order takers – we are solution makers! We have a team who can assist with your company’s communications needs. Do you need to create a specific look or image, or improve your branding?

Whatever your need, the Swift Team Can Help!

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Swift Printing Company was officially born January 1, 1950. From the very beginning, Swift has been devoted to three main tenets, which guide us in everything we do:

1. Content, well cared-for employees.
2. Outstanding, solution-oriented service, which includes providing products to our customers on their time schedule. As our current owner often says, “That’s why it says Swift on the door!”
3. Being a leader in technology.

We believe that these three tenets are crucial to providing the level of service that our customers deserve and to creating satisfied customers.

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